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Pro Comp Suspension Kits

Tires, shocks, wheels or suspensions, Pro Comp is one of the top manufactures in the world for improving performance of vehicles. Pro Comp engineers all kits with state of the art technology and high quality materials. When you will install new lift kits for your SUV or Jeep the best suspension lift technology is offered by Pro Comp. Suspension lifts helps to improve ground clearance and reduces the jarring and creates a unique look to any vehicle. They are worth the investment for moving through dirty muddy roads and uneven rocky terrains. All Pro Comp parts come with a warranty and these help them retain customers for a long time.


Pro Comp kits are based on suspension systems; this is their strongest department and is the home for the most creative suspension systems. The Pro Runner Monotube Shocks are designed for late models SUV’s, trucks and Jeeps. They reduce rebound problems and perform better than twin tube shocks. Another similar kit to this is the Pro Runner SS Spring Seat Monotube Shocks. This can raise the front of the vehicle by 2.75 inch and has a 180 degree height adjustable collar. These kits help drivers confidence when towing trailers or driving through a desert. The success of Pro Comp comes from their innovation of kits through technological advancement and R&D. This gives better customer benefits which they have been doing for the past two decades.


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