KC Fog Lights Review

kc fog lights

For over forty years KC has been manufacturing lights for your heavy vehicles. And within this forty year they are pioneer in making these types of quality lights globally. When it comes to auxiliary lighting the only brand that comes to people’s mind is KC, as they are very creative and the enjoyed the first mover advantage of manufacturing lighting for off-road vehicles, which are also used in sedan nowadays. They are specialized regarding car lighting as it offers persistence, and permanence. And as they are known for their uniqueness, diversity and invention, they will not only survive but thrive in this industry for even longer period of time.

Fog Lights can be placed on both the front and the back end of any vehicle, but it’s preferable to position it in front though with your usu...

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How JC Whitney Became a Big Name in the Auto Parts and Accessories Retail Industry


The history of JC Whitney dates back in 1915 when Israel Warshawsky founded The Warshawsky Company.  Starting in a scrap metal yard in Chicago, Warshwsky reclaimed old and neglected automobile parts and sold these to vehicle owners who are in need of replacement parts.  Gifted with a business foresight, he initiated on buying unsuccessful auto parts manufacturers and started an automobile parts and accessories retail store.  It came out with a wholesale catalog but was only distributed only in Chicago.

Roy, his youngest son, joined the company in 1934 and gave the company wide consumer coverage through advertising.  The company was even featured in Popular Mechanics magazine.  In 1943, Roy took over the chairmanship from his father...

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Truck Lite LED on Freightliner Trucks

truck lite led headlights

The business of trucking is increasingly adopting more innovative lighting solutions with the Freightliner trucks the being the latest to adopt and standardize the LED lighting solutions. The recent announcement by the Freightliner truck dealers is that it has developed a Truck Lite quality visibility LED headlamps on its designs due to encouraging reviews from the clients.

Popularity of the Truck-Lite LED headlights

The LED lights are long lasting and provide an advanced nighttime drive visibility enhancing safety thus resulting into better recognition of objects in the middle of road during the dark hours. The beam pattern plays a very crucial role in reducing the driver`s eye strain and also minimizing cruel oncoming traffic headlight glare.

In-addition, the LED beam prototype lessens ...

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Why You Need to Change the Bumper of Your Jeep

arb bumpers black jk

The standard bumpers on your new 2011 Jeep may satisfy your off roading requirements; but most Jeep aficionados would want a specially designed and a more functional bumper.  Some may want a bumper that will give their vehicle a brawnier appeal.  Whatever reason you or others may have for acquiring an aftermarket bumper, ARB bumpers are a great choice.  They do not only provide an attractive and interesting appeal but are also good safeguards for you and your Jeep.

Any new Jeep comes fitted with a bumper; but why would the owner want to change it to a new one?  Bumpers were constructed to provide interest to your vehicle so it gets striking and admiring looks while on the road.  The total appearance of your Jeep can be entirely altered by installing a new bumper...

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Bestop Soft Tops

trektop nx blue jk

The Bestop brand is now synonymous with top quality replacement Jeep soft tops, Supertops, bikini tops, powerboards, bumpers, tonneau covers and other Jeep accessories. While the Bestop tops are amongst the most trusted in the aftermarket, the company has been manufacturing factory tops for the Jeep Wrangler models for close to two decades now.  The company is however best known for its popular soft top models. There are several Bestop soft tops which you may opt for when you are looking for a suitable top for your Jeep during the summer.  Bestop offers as many as 10 styles for soft tops which you can choose from...

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Overview of WARN: Jeep Bumpers

warn bumpersBumpers are considered to be an essential aspect of a Jeep. Taking off-road terrains head on, the ride has to be fully equipped with the necessary safety gear that would help it weasel out of dangerous and threatening situations unscratched. Bumpers are responsible for guarding the front of the ride, which includes the bonnet and everything that it contains, a task which it does brilliantly. In Jeep drivers in the United States, there are renowned companies that every goes for. In the case of bumpers, any Jeep driver would know that if there is going to be a bumper, it’s going to be a Warn bumper.

Warn Bumpers has been in the Jeep aftermarket parts manufacturing arena for a lot of time now...

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Jeep Seats: Smittybilt Standard Bucket Seat

smittybilt jeep seat

If you’re looking to replace your old Jeep seats, then you can seriously consider installing the Smittybilt Standard Bucket Seats. The Smittybilt Standard Bucket Seats is one of the best seats specifically designed for the Jeep. It’s currently available for 76-06 Jeep® CJ, Wrangler YJ, TJ & TJ Unlimited; it is also available in black, gray, black denim, and spice color. Here is a closer look into the overall design and functionality of the Smittybilt Standard Bucket Seats.

Magnifying the Features of the Smittybilt Standard Bucket Seats.

Smittybit specializes on front Jeep seats; they manufacture and offer for sale your standard bucket seats, factory replacements in TJ styles, contour sport seats...

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Popular Jeep Lift Kits Review

jeep lift kits

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you see Jeeps driving down the road that are higher than yours?  That is because they have installed a lift kit.  People install lift kits for different reasons.  With trucks, when they come from the factory the front end of the truck tends to sit lower to the ground than the rear of the truck.  To level it out, sometimes people install a leveling kit which is a type of lift kit but just for the front of the vehicle.  When people want to add ground clearance for off road driving or even rock crawling they will add a lift kit to achieve that.  There are also people out there who just want the more aggressive stance that is achieved by adding larger wheels and tires.  A lift kit will give you the clearance that you need to get those larger wheels ...

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Pro Comp Suspension Kits

Tires, shocks, wheels or suspensions, Pro Comp is one of the top manufactures in the world for improving performance of vehicles. Pro Comp engineers all kits with state of the art technology and high quality materials. When you will install new lift kits for your SUV or Jeep the best suspension lift technology is offered by Pro Comp. Suspension lifts helps to improve ground clearance and reduces the jarring and creates a unique look to any vehicle. They are worth the investment for moving through dirty muddy roads and uneven rocky terrains. All Pro Comp parts come with a warranty and these help them retain customers for a long time.


Pro Comp kits are based on suspension systems; this is their strongest department and is the home for the most creative suspension systems. The Pro Runner Monotube Shocks are designed for late models SUV’s, trucks and Jeeps. They reduce rebound problems and perform better than twin tube shocks. Another similar kit to this is the Pro Runner SS Spring Seat Monotube Shocks. This can raise the front of the vehicle by 2.75 inch and has a 180 degree height adjustable collar. These kits help drivers confidence when towing trailers or driving through a desert. The success of Pro Comp comes from their innovation of kits through technological advancement and R&D. This gives better customer benefits which they have been doing for the past two decades.


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Off-Roading Essentials: Lights, Tires, and Wheels

This is not going to be easy.  The reason that I say that is because everyone is different.  We all use our Jeeps for driving, but we all drive them differently.  This means that what is essential for me may not be essential for you.

Here is a list of essential things you would need for off-roading:

Off Road Lights

kc slimlitesOff road lights are essential especially in the wilderness. When night falls it is very hard to see anything especially without the city streets and interstates lamps. Although most Jeep or 4×4 vehicles comes with the standard high beam lights, they are not ideal for off roading.

We recommend KC Hilites for your off road lighting. For over 40 years, KC HiLites is an industry leader in off road lighting. Within the off roading community KC Lights are known to be durable and re...

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